About Madroño Landscape Design Studio

The Madrone tree is more formally known as Arbutus menziesiiThe name "Madroño" is Spanish for the madrone tree (Arbutus menziesii), a handsome evergreen found on wooded slopes and canyons in California. The beauty, durability, and integrity of this tree symbolizes the work of the studio: creative design, choice materials, and superior craftsmanship. 

San Francisco Landscape Design/Build 
With an eye on the natural and aesthetic identity of the Bay Area, we design and build locally appropriate landscapes rich in color, texture, aroma, and natural symbiosis (birds and butterflies love our work too). 

Licensed Landscape Contractor

Modern Creative Studio
Our design studio on the frontier of the Mission and Potrero Hill is an open-plan workspace shared with architects and graphic designers, a rich source of creative cross-pollination. We host art exhibits, cocktail parties, and other events; contact us to get on the mailing list.